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About the Business

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Responsible Businesses have the power to uplift communities and provide health, safety and wellbeing for all stakeholders. Being purpose-driven guides us through all of our decisions, as we can no longer accept business as usual.

The modern world is dominated by economics. It permeates every facet of our lives to such an extent that it has replaced the fundamental social fibres that other beliefs held for the last few millennia. Some have even argued that it has become the driving force behind politics. Unbridled free market fundamentalism, championed by many developed western countries, has taken globalisation by the scruff of its neck and made it its bitch. Global trade and the positive consequences thereof are providing less welfare for the wider population than it did 100 years ago, despite volumes more than doubling as a percentage of global GDP. The wealth being created is concentrated in far fewer hands, leading to higher inequality and greater unrest.

Institutions used to be the centre of society. Educational, religious, judicial and political constructs all ensuring cohesion within a nation. A population was able, in some form or another, to exert pressure on these institutions when change was needed. Today, multinational companies dominate the global agenda and have long superseded the old institutions in terms of reach and influence. Yet, the system of account we use for them is splintered, divisive and ineffective in all areas, except raising capital. Companies have been given free reign over our planet in their insatiable pursuit of profit and material gain.

We believe globalisation, the rapid spreading of ideas and the collaboration of the global population in order to achieve maximum efficiency, can be a huge catalyst for social change. Our hope is that global communities, working together to drive positive business, can stop exploitation and create greater prosperity for all.



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14 May 2020

Are you motivated to change the way people spend their money? Do you believe that given more information people will make better choices? We're looking for support in Online Marketing & Business Development and would love to hear from you. Full-time/part-time, Berlin or remote.

Send us your CV and a short intro to info@earthratings.com


Earth Ratings Ambassadors

Heroes in their own Right

Our core group of supporters and we love them! Here we honour them and their AWESOMENESS


Timo Wilken

Timo is keen on all things protection: whether the environment or your data, he has got you covered!

Meet the Team

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Adrià Grau

Co-founder & Hero

I grew up in Barcelona and studied at London College of Fashion and Middlesex University.  Having worked for Spanish retailer Desigual and German e-commerce giant Zalando, I gained an insight to the reality of global supply chains and their consequences, as well as how unaware consumers are regarding the origins of the goods they buy. I joined Earth Ratings because I believes e-commerce provides a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on a global scale.


Carsten Roland

Founder & Earthling

Raised in Namibia and with a background in Financial Reporting & Corporate Governance, my career started at Deloitte & Touche and took me to Europe and into the startup world. I founded Earth Ratings because i believe consumers need to know how their daily lives affect the planet and it's ecosystems. I am passionate about the great outdoors, people and positive influences.




We are always looking for inspired people to join our team. If you believe in the mission then you are the person we want, no matter what your background. We would love to hear from you and what makes you tick. Please Email us at


Environmental degradation

We all have a part to play

At their core, almost all consumer products extract resources from the planet, refine and process them and transport them vast distances in order to fetch the highest price on the open market. The winner is the company who is able to extract, process and transport at the cheapest and sell at the highest rate. The losers are everybody else. When we understand that we live in a closed ecosystem we realise that the more one of us takes, the less others will have.
There are people who produce the things we need only after having carefully considered every step of the process and selecting the least harmful way of producing something and they need our support.


Social justice

Breaking the cycle

An extract from Oxfam's 2018 report entitled 'Reward Work, Not Wealth

  • Billionaire wealth has risen by an annual average of 13 percent since 2010 – six times faster than the wages of ordinary workers, which have risen by a yearly average of just 2 percent. The number of billionaires rose at an unprecedented rate of one every two days between March 2016 and March 2017

  • It takes just four days for a CEO from one of the top five global fashion brands to earn what a Bangladeshi garment worker will earn in her lifetime. In the US, it takes slightly over one working day for a CEO to earn what an ordinary worker makes in a year

  • It would cost $2.2 billion a year to increase the wages of all 2.5 million Vietnamese garment workers to a living wage. This is about a third of the amount paid out to wealthy shareholders by the top 5 companies in the garment sector in 2016

The status quo is to exploit and be rewarded for it. Take away the reward and the exploitation will end. We need to stop making billionaires when we spend our money. We need to start building communities.



A Fresh Start

If you have ever asked yourself what you, as one individual of 7.5 billion, can do to change the world, look at how you spend your money. Politics is generally corrupt, uses outdated structures and is often ineffective in bringing about lasting change. Global policies could bring about the shift we need to start repairing our broken ecosystems. Unfortunately we do not have decades to spare. If you want to make an impact NOW, stop giving your money to people who destroy the planet with it.

We are excited to begin this journey and to have you as a part of it. We hope Earth Ratings can help shift perceptions and make the world a better place for us all. We can change the world. We just have to try.

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